Sleep and a doctor’s visit

Lately, I feel like my life revolves around sleep. I get 7 or 8 hours a night before I have to take Brian to work, then usually wind up taking at least a 3 hour nap in the afternoon sometime, and I’m still tired in the evenings, although I usually manage to stay up then while Brian’s home. Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep… complete with nightmares of finding a fourth baby! The doctor insists there isn’t a fourth baby. But I’m already as big as a normal six month pregnancy.

I had another doctor’s visit this morning. Found out we’re still not going to every 2 weeks until after the next one. I’m way too impatient! We couldn’t see as much this time, because they’re too big to see good with the vaginal and not quite big enough to see real good with the abdominal. We took a quick look with the vaginal ultrasound, and that looked very strange! We could only see the bottom baby, and we could see everything, skeleton, eye sockets…that baby looked like an alien. We did get some video and they’re all growing and kicking. We were able to hear one heartbeat at 144 with the Doppler.

We now have a Level III ultrasound scheduled for 20 weeks. That ought to be fun! The Level III will be able to see a lot more details (including the sex!).

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