Baby shower

showercakeToday I had my baby shower. My friend Laura Stoltenberg threw it for me and we hosted it in the common room at our apartment complex. She completely surprised me with everything she did. She brought all these little sandwiches she made herself, plus all kinds of other food and drinks. She also got me a cake, although I knew about that one; we went together to pick it out.

teddybearI got so many wonderful presents! Lots of little stuff, of course, but also so much big stuff. I was so surprised by some of the people who got big things, as well as at some of the things they got! Many people came who I didn’t expect to see, and they all came bearing gifts. We got three high chairs, two carseats, and a gigantic teddy bear. (…and a partridge in a pear tree…)

I haven’t the slightest idea where this bear is going to go, especially since we already have a six-foot-long stuffed lion we got for Christmas several years ago. I think we’ll have to stuff the lion under a crib, and maybe we can prop the bear in a corner for now.

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