Free stuff, and diabetes strikes!

Well, I started getting some really nasty sugar readings today on my home monitor.

*insert colorful cursing here*

Guess I get to figure out how to consume 3000 calories on a diabetic diet.

*insert multicultural cursing here*

Brian thinks it might just be a one-day thing, and there really isn’t anything I can do until Monday anyway. But I’m certainly going to be watching those numbers like a hawk this weekend; if they don’t go down I’m going to have them move my screening up to Monday or Tuesday.

I’m doing my best to keep 3000 calories from being all sugar and fat; I’ve got a protein supplement that I sometimes mix with my orange juice, I drink a can or two of generic Ensure every day, and otherwise I eat whenever I’m hungry and don’t say no to myself if I want more. More grapenuts, another sandwich, extra cheese….Probably a good bit of fat, but mostly I’m trying to get lots of protein. Ideally I ought to be getting 150-200 grams a day, and that’s tough!

As a mother of triplets I am entitled to two free diaper genies straight from the manufacturer. I have to wait until after the babies are born, though, because I have to send copies of their birth certificates, just like all the other free stuff. However, if I’ve already gotten a diaper genie, they’ll send free bags for it instead of the genie itself. It just so happens that my brother, who I think was the only person at the time who wasn’t aware of this, decided to buy me a genie for my baby shower, so I do already have one. Now I have to decide if I want to get one more genie and the free bags, or if I might need three genies.

BabyZone has a freebie page that lists a few deals for multiples on it, but I got my list from Mothers of Supertwins and they have a huge list of free stuff for higher-order multiples. It is definitely worth looking at for anybody else expecting multiples.

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