Feeling Good

My headaches haven’t started yet, thank goodness. By the calendar and historical trends, I have three weeks and three days until they make their appearance. Although I could get lucky. Maybe continuing the glucophage will keep them away. If not, I have full plans to start work with the chiropractor again at the first hint of a pregnancy headache. Chiropractic is the one thing I didn’t try last time, so maybe it’ll be the secret weapon I need.

21st Annual Michigan Challenge Balloonfest

This is becoming a family tradition. We’ve gone every year we’ve been here, and the kids look forward to it all year long. Today was the day, and we had a blast. We ate carnival food, rode the rides, played on the playground, watched the balloons take off, and then watched the glow. This is the first year that the winds and weather have been good enough for everything to go smoothly on Saturday night, so it was our first glow. If you’ve never seen one, what a sight!

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