Large Families = Drugs

No, not like that! Quit thinking the worst, you!

I had the idea today to compare having lots of kids to taking speed or meth. Now, I don’t exactly know what taking meth is like, but I think I can get an idea, based on previous overdoses of caffeine and previous non-overdoses of Ritalin. From what I’ve read, meth is similar, just stronger. An intense energy and focus, drive, getting things done. That’s what Ritalin and caffeine are like. Focus. Getting things done, instead of sitting around.

Day off

Today was Records Day for Mason’s government schools, so the kids ended up getting the day off as well. The girls’ Brownie troop went off to Camp Wacousta for the day to do badge activities, and came back happy and smelling of campfire. Brenden got to hang out with his friends for the day and go sledding (something that Elayne hasn’t gotten out to do yet what with Jarod and all). And Elayne used the quiet time around the house to do a little reading with Liam and take down all the Christmas decorations. It was a little too quiet, actually!

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