I went to my first Avon sales meeting last night. I was very surprised to find out that my meeting place is in Jackson. I would have expected it to be in Lansing. Makes me wonder just how many (or how few!) reps are actually in my area. I got waylaid on the way there. I stopped at Burger King for dinner, and the Assistant Manager called me inside to look over the book and place an order…a BIG ORDER! Finally! So I didn’t mind being late to my first meeting. I’m glad I still went.

Busy Scout Day

Saturday was a busy day for Dad, as he had not one, but two activities to attend with our little scouts.

First up was the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby. This was Brenden’s first year in the event, and he had a blast making his car. Dad helped him with the cutting, and then Brenden got a decal kit and put all the stickers and the wheels on by himself. His car was fast! He even got a trophy.

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