New Website is Online

I’ve spent most of today working on it, but I’ve finally gotten the website transferred over to the new Drupal setup. Some of it I was able to automatically import, but some had to be done and cleaned up by hand, so it’s been a bit of a tedious task. But it’s done now. I’m really liking Drupal so far, and I have some pretty cool ideas of some new things I can do with the website now. At the very least, I’ve been able to make it look nice again, and it will be much easier to update and add new content! Take a look around and enjoy!


Raspberries are a pain to harvest, but they sure are plentiful and fun to eat! The black raspberries we planted in our garden several years ago have finally started to bear fruit. Plus, black raspberries grow wild in Michigan, and you can find a profusion of them down every trail and along every tree break. We have enough wild raspberries within walking distance of home to satisfy all of us!

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