Speaking of “getting things done,” my persistence is starting to pay off in the knitting department. I am down to only fourteen works-in-progress (WIPs).  Yes, this is progress. I have severe Attention Deficit Knitting Disorder.  It’s only by the skin of my teeth that I have avoided landing in the pit I found as a child. I was always wanting a new ball of yarn, a new pattern pamphlet, a new set of needles.  By the time I was 12 or so, I had a 24″x24″ cardboard box in my closet full to the brim with abandoned things, and the whole thing was so hopelessly tangled that you could pick up whatever was on top and everything in the box would come with it. Discovering that was a wake-up call, and while I’ve always continued to start new projects relentlessly, I’ve been a bit better about not destroying what gets left behind.

It’s been worse with the knitting, though.  I want to knit all the pretty things, with all the pretty yarn, all the time! Several months ago, I actually looked at how many WIPs I had, and it was another wake-up call.  There were more than 20! I determined not to start anything new until I had gotten that list pared down.  It’s been torture, and I’ve had a few setbacks, notably with the footies.  I have made progress, though.  If you look at my project page, I have nothing left that just needs blocking.  I finished almost 1/3 of my open projects.  Go me!

My lovely daughter models for me sometimes.

One that I finished last week is the Thorny scarf.  This was knitted with sequined silk yarn that I got for my birthday. It came out a bit shorter than I was hoping, but with a shawl pin it will actually make a very nice neck scarf.

lace beltThe second project I finished yesterday is this lace belt. It is intended to lace up the back with ribbon, so once it finishes drying, it will be good to go! Although I will be sure not to wear it over anything white…

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