It’s always something.  Last week was busy getting ready for the Midwest Witches’ Bazaar and Ball.  I had other goals, like getting some clothing ready for modeling so I could get it up on Etsy, making some more pieces for my Ball outfit, working on the kids’ Halloween costumes, prepping for my Vikings class, actually balancing the checkbook and paying off the bills, blah blah blah.  I started out okay, then got hit by what I suspect was a sinus infection that was not fully cleared up by the weekend, so I was back to being slow and not able to do much.  Thursday Jarod was complaining of the same thing, and I ended up taking him by the doctor’s office among other errands to make sure I wasn’t missing a serious illness, since he’s not a whiny kid.  Friday Liam came down with pink eye, which resulted in another last-minute doctor’s visit, eyedrops for the whole family, and a complete rearranging of the weekend plans so that I was going to the Bazaar alone.


The Bazaar and Ball were a lot of fun.  My pain levels were relatively low, and I ended up spending most of the day just sitting at my table since I didn’t have anybody to watch it while I got up.  Kender made a nice chunk of money, between the Bazaar and the Ball; in fact, I think it was the second most profitable fundraising event we’ve done yet!  They 2013101 Witches Ball Checkpresented me with one of those giant photo-op checks at the Ball. I’m not sure what to do with that yet, but it was really cool to bring it home and show it to the kids.

I was miserable the day after the Ball, not entirely from being hungover.  I ended up sleeping at my brother’s place without a pillow, just a rolled up blanket, and I think that started the tension headache.  Not getting enough sleep that night period didn’t help.  The headache kept me from sleeping well Sunday night, and I had to get up extra early Monday morning to take Jarod to the hospital for his exam under anesthesia.  That always takes all day.  I was expecting to get up early today for our Foster homeschool co-op day, and I ended up staying up too late putting together handouts for my Vikings class.  I didn’t sleep well again last night, and I was awake half the night with horrible stomach cramps.

So this morning I gave up and called in sick to Foster.  I slept in a little until I heard Kender fussing.  I am hanging around in my pajamas, doing a few things but mostly trying to take it easy for the day.  I’ve found that my head doesn’t hurt so much when I can just lay back and relax, when the kids are quiet, etc., so I’m trying to cultivate that right now and see if I can kick this tension headache for good.  Not worrying about getting things done, not worrying about deadlines and bottom lines, not worrying about how fast I’m moving.  Just spending the day relaxed, leaning back and enjoying it when a little one climbs in my lap, letting the kids bake cookies and eat frozen wings for lunch, watching movies.  Turning the heat on in the living room.  Simple things.

Counting my blessings.  Blessed to have a loving husband with a steady job and a steady paycheck. Blessed to have smart children who manage to learn and grow and thrive without a lot of structure in their education.  Blessed to be able to quickly pick up new skills I want, like playing the bodhran or knitting in new styles. Blessed to live in a time and place of plenty.  Blessed to know so many wonderful, generous, happy people.  Blessed to have found an herbal remedy that actually works on my pain. Blessed to be able to take this day to relax and heal and ramble a bit.

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I am a Wiccan priestess, a libertarian mother of triplets plus three, a wife and homeschooling mom to blind and autistic children, a fiber artist, and a Jane of All Trades, always learning and seeking to help.

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