Spinning My Wheels

My house is filled with fruit flies like it’s the second coming of the Amityville Horror, my furbaby Pixel is dying (may Bast shelter him and ease his passage), my brain is just going round and round with no focus, like wheels spinning with no traction.

Pixel babySo what do I do? Start cleaning. Always can use a good cleaning around here.  First I cleaned the cat, because he’s stopped doing it himself and he stinks.  (If he makes it to tomorrow, he’s getting a full-on bath.)  I cuddled him until he was dry, brought him some fresh water to drink and food to lick, then made him a new bed infused with catnip behind the toilet, which is apparently where all dying cats in this house want to live.

Then I moved on to other things, like clearing off the pool table.  That’s an important thing, clearing off the pool table.  It included clearing out my old desk drawers that have been sitting there since April, even though the desk itself has been migrated to my sons’ room.

keyboardI found an old Targus Stowaway folding keyboard.  I’m pretty sure this thing is worthless now, being specific to the now-obsolete Handspring Visor, but I remember how much I loved it.  I was ready for smartphones and tablets before they were ready for primetime, and I was constantly trying to make my Handspring do all the things my tablet does today.  I used my keyboard to take notes during D&D sessions, write up new song lyrics while I was working as a DJ, all sorts of things.  I know it needs to just be thrown out at this point, but boy is that hard to do.

$10I also found a $10 Liberty coin.  Oooh, I sure hope the big bad men in black don’t see this page! Oh, hello boys!  A quick glance around suggests it ought to be worth at least $20 these days. I should polish that up and find it a nice case to reside in for a while.  I wonder how many Bitcoins that would be worth today?

Ah, well, back to spinning my wheels, wandering aimlessly around my house in circles with vacant eyes.  Maybe I should go clean and organize the boys’ room.  There would be about as much point in it, but it might burn more calories.

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I am a Wiccan priestess, a libertarian mother of triplets plus three, a wife and homeschooling mom to blind and autistic children, a fiber artist, and a Jane of All Trades, always learning and seeking to help.

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