The Snowmageddon is upon us!  Forecasters earlier last week started issuing watches and warnings about heavy snowfall and bitter cold.  When predicted snow totals rose over 10″ and warnings were issued for “life-threatening wind chills,” people started to lose it a bit.  I didn’t venture into the major stores like Meijer or Kroger on Saturday, but everybody I spoke to said they were packed, every register open with lines 7-10 people long.  It was so crazy it made the evening news!

It’s a little understandable.  I’m a bit scared myself when I see graphics like this one:polar vortex

That map looks like something out of the Day After Tomorrow, and it’s centered right over where I’m living!!!  Visions of ice creeping along hallways and people frozen solid before they can finish taking a breath start playing in my mind when I look at that.  I start wondering where we can set up a bonfire in the living room and how long our books will hold out.

I happen to be keeping my mother’s dog this week while she takes a trip to Aspen.  (Incidentally, she’s going to be warmer over there in the Rockies than we will be here in Michigan this week.)  When the warnings started talking about wind chills approaching -35F, I got concerned about Pixie.  So I started knitting her a snowsuit to keep her poor tootsies warm when she has to go outside.  Temperatures are currently hovering around 21F; hopefully I can finish it before they get to be dangerously cold tomorrow.

It started snowing around 7pm last night, and it hasn’t really stopped except for a brief interlude around 10am this morning.  We’d go out to shovel, and an hour later you couldn’t tell.  Traffic was getting stuck in the street in front of our house.  One guy plowed our street and the driveways across the way during the interlude, but by this afternoon you couldn’t tell anymore.  When Tamara walked the dog after lunch, she said the snow was up to her knees in places.  Around 5pm, governments and businesses started calling a snow day for tomorrow.  Jackson National Life told employees to work from home.  MSU closed, and Mason schools closed.  The City of Lansing declared a Snow Emergency (better than their handling of the ice storm last month).

So here we are, stuck inside.  I have three projects to work on: shoveling snow, knitting Pixie’s snowsuit, and working on Kender’s video.  My plan for the day has been to roll the dice and work on one of those for 40 minutes, then spend 20 minutes on things like eating and daily chores (or blogging).  So far, the dice have come up for Kender with every throw.  That’s okay.  I’ve gotten a lot done today, getting the hang of all the controls, learning how to paste clips together, and making a dent in the long list of videos I need to review.  I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of the editing software and am making progress.

Hopefully everything will continue to be homey and quiet around here.  No roof collapses, no power outages, no deaths from anything for any reason.  Maybe another snow day on Tuesday so we don’t have to go anywhere on my birthday, that would be nice.

Stay warm!!


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