Kender’s Match Video, A Day in the Life

Today I am filming everything I can, along with extra commentary.  It feels really strange and awkward to be filming commentary instead of typing it.  Speech is not my natural communication medium.  I do much better typing.  But a video has been asked, and a video they shall receive.  To be fair, insisting on filming everything means we will inadvertently show them lots of details that we probably wouldn’t even think of including otherwise.  They’ll hear the cats meow and see the mess on the floors (actually, on every surface right now).  They’ll hear me comment on smelling cat pee in a new place, and they’ll see what happens when Kender poops and it falls out his pants leg and gets stepped on before anybody notices.  They’ll hear the shouting and talking and singing in the background and see the other kids walking by.

I got Kender just getting up, and getting his eyedrops, and asking about Dad, and I talked about a few things here in there.  Later, I’ll get him gearing up to play in the snow, maybe even taking a walk around the block so we can look at his cane use.  I’ll get video of the yard and Jack’s yard and my imaginary gardens.

It still feels weird to pick up the camera and explain how unstructured our days are when we don’t have outside appointments, how slowly we move in the morning, how everybody in the house is naturally nocturnal, how easy it is to get derailed by my low blood sugar, or Kender’s poopy pants, or the way Kender just threw door panels to the floor, exposing the giant hole in the hallway wall and finally, completely, and utterly destroying the bookshelves in the entrance between the hallway and the dining room.  Not to mention the way Brenden is not in school because he threw up this morning, like Liam threw up yesterday morning, which means everybody will be throwing up soon, which may mean missing Foster tomorrow, which means completely missing a chance to film a pretty important part of our life.  Now I need to go out and buy bookshelves to replace that one, find a new storage space for the closet door panels, and find a way to fix the hole in the wall, which I will probably go ask Perfect Dave to do, which gives me an opportunity to do the interview with him anyway.  I wish I could say this was unusual, but this is a pretty typical day around here.  Shit hits the fan on a regular basis.

Here there no longer be shelving.
Here there no longer be shelving.

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