I am a priestess of Loki.  He spent several years trying to get my attention before I listened, but I have now been working with Him since early 2013, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  His influence is what has shaped much of my life, and His energy shapes how I interact with the […]

Aspecting Loki

I didn’t write about this the first time because it was such a new experience.  I’m still processing it, a bit.  The whole idea of aspecting is something relatively new to me since joining group rituals with my current church, something I read about but never really practiced.  When I was solitary, I communed with […]

A Prayer

Hail Loki, Bringer of mischief and magic I see you, hiding in the shadows I feel you, lurking in the corners of chance and mystery I long for you, when my life has grown still I worship you, when you bring the gift of change Never a dull moment is what I’ve always said Because […]

Devotions of Binding and Adornment

These prayers were inspired by the Devotion of Binding that I found at the Temple of the Flea.  I have modified and expanded it to be used as I am getting dressed for the day.  This practice adds a constant reminder in the very clothing that I wear of my devotion to Loki and His […]


I have a blanket on the back of my desk chair in the basement, where I generally do schoolwork and other time-intensive computer things.  My basement is mostly finished, but the walls are concrete and only some of them are covered in insulation.  This makes it cold down there, especially in the spring and summer. […]

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