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Brian and Elayne

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Brian is a programmer for Jackson National Life Insurance. He says it’s the best job he’s ever had, working with the best people…although he’d rather skip the on-call weeks! In his spare time he enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy books, in particular the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

414462_10150637268969745_210218690_oElayne works from home in a variety of capacities, including programming, sewing, or whatever somebody needs and is willing to pay for. She still stitches, doing everything from knitting and crochet to cross-stitch and making clothing, recently even trying her hand at spinning. She also enjoys walking around the house with her nose buried sci-fi and fantasy books. Elayne was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2005, and it is believed to be related to the climate change in moving to Michigan. She still hopes to be able to move back home to Texas someday.

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