Transformation and Perspective

One day last week, while hiding in the coat closet, Kender discovered our old vacuum cleaner.  It’s been hiding there for many years, gathering coats instead of dust.  He decided this was going to be his new toy, and he pulled it out, hauled it to the hallway, and plugged it in.  Our first response […]

Driving from the Back Seat

A recurring theme from last night’s dreams really stuck with me after I woke this morning, all day long in fact.  It’s the image of driving a vehicle from the back seat.  Driving by itself is a pretty common theme in my dreams, taking long trips down quiet back roads, driving across the open plains, […]

Daily Affirmations

Positive affirmations and gratitudes seem to be everywhere these days.  My Facebook feed fills up with daily thanksgiving posts in November.  A very few of my friends do this on a regular basis throughout the year.  A quick search on Google finds thousands of ready-made affirmations, gratitude bulletin boards, etc.  As I have worked these […]

An Abundance of Love

My facebook feed has been full of posts about Leelah Alcorn, a teenage transgirl who committed suicide by stepping out in front of a semi on the highway.  I have a friend with a trans child who felt this story hit her like a physical blow in the chest.  It shows that the alternative of a […]


I am socially inept.  There is a whole world out there of social rules, subtle distinctions in words and body language, that I have never naturally understood.  It’s not just a matter of body language, because even though the Internet has made it easier for me to communicate with others, I get into trouble here, […]

How Can I Fight?

I’ve posted an article or a link here and there, where some other author has responded to recent events in Police State America.  I haven’t said much myself, partly because I don’t feel like my white-assed, privileged words could possibly be worthwhile in a conversation about racism, partly because I really don’t have anything to […]

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