It still doesn’t feel real

I’ve felt all my babies, heard them moving, seen their pictures. Every time I move I can feel my uterus, even if the babies aren’t kicking. My bladder appears to have shrunk to the size of a grape, and I can’t shake this headache. I’ve wanted my own baby since I was about 12, deeply […]

Sex and circumcision

I have been doing so much research about triplets since we found out there are three babies. I feel sometimes like I’m writing a term paper instead of having babies…only this is definitely more fun than a term paper! I’m thinking I may actually do something like that this fall while I’m laid up, though, […]

Birthing methods

There is no way I’m going to be able to have these babies vaginally. This is fairly depressing for me, because I was so looking forward to a natural home birth. There’s only one doctor in town that will even consider doing triplets vaginally, and everybody else thinks he’s a little nuts. When you think […]

Parenting classes

Hopefully the doctors will be able to tell the babies apart at birth. In other words, we’ll know who was Lefty and who was Sleepy. Since they are in separate sacs, they should stay in the same place and be identifiable. Plus, the later ultrasounds will be able to judge weight fairly accurately. Since it’s […]

Separate babies, separate people

Brian and I have been married for five years, and when we got married we said we would wait five years before having children. It worked out perfect, even though we started trying a year early. The first few months we were on the fertility drugs, my mother kept saying I was too young to […]

Random thoughts

I guess it’s not too surprising that I’m already feeling the babies move. From what I’ve been reading, moms of multiples feel movement much earlier than moms of single babies. It’s not uncommon for twins to be felt around 12 weeks, and I would swear I’ve been feeling flutters since 10 weeks. I just love […]

Ultrasound pictures

I’m looking forward to my next appointment on Wednesday. I’ll be far enough along then that I’m hoping the doctor will be able to tell the sexes. I’m really getting spoiled; every time I go in I get an ultrasound, and pictures and video to take home with me. I don’t know what I’m going […]

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