Feeling the babies move

I can already feel the babies moving around, quite a bit sometimes. It feels like a “thumping” inside my tummy. Every day it gets more distinct, more definite. It’s hard to describe exactly what it feels like. Sometimes it’s like gas or just general intestinal movement, only I know it’s not because my intestines aren’t […]

Planning for bedrest

I think the egg must have split once, and then one half split again, if the babies are identical. At least, none of my biology teachers ever told me a cell could split three ways at once! Brian would just love to have identical babies. I think we’ve finally worked out an arrangement for bedrest. […]

Planning a healthy triplet pregnancy

After all the research and reading I’ve done, I’ve decided that I need to gain 75 pounds by the end of the pregnancy to help ensure that I have some big babies. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not really when you consider the recommendation for one baby is usually around 25 pounds or […]

Not feeling like a mother

I don’t feel like a mother. I certainly don’t feel like what society “expects” mothers to be. I definitely don’t feel like my mother. I can’t hardly even believe this is real. Part of it, I’m sure, is just because I had completely given up on my chances of getting pregnant by the time I […]

6 weeks — TRIPLETS???

Today I made an appointment with my regular obstetrician for an ultrasound. The midwife didn’t do these, and I wanted “fetal pictures” of the baby for each trimester. The doctor treated it as a regular first prenatal visit, complete with Pap smear, cultures, and blood and urine tests. So it took a little while to […]

Double Check

Women who have my condition, polycystic ovarian syndrome, often do not produce enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy once it is established. After all, the problem was a lack of hormones in the first place. So I went in to the doctor’s office to let the vampires suck out some blood for testing. They ran […]

We’re Pregnant!

By the next weekend, we had finally reached a two-week mark, so that afternoon I went ahead and took another home pregnancy test, expecting nothing. Several cycles before, I had gotten my hopes up over similar symptoms, only to have it be nothing. So when I went back three minutes later and saw that little […]

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