Is Rape Insurance Worth It?

(or, what I do when I’m bored on a Saturday morning) Insurance, n.: coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by a specified contingency or peril. There has been a lot of talk lately about what has been dubbed the Rape Insurance law in Michigan, which recently went […]

The Kender Report

Kender has had a busy week. On Monday, he went under anesthesia for an eye exam, which showed nothing new. Dr. Trese said we could start backing off one of the three eye drops Kender takes every day, which is happy news. The bigger event was Wednesday, when Kender went under anesthesia again, this time […]

Well-Meaning Advice

There is little more frustrating in life than to be given advice that has already been tried, maybe even failed.  It happens all the time.  New mothers get it in truckloads, advice for breastfeeding, sleeping, feeding, comforting, walking, toys, that advice never ends. It also comes in difficult situations.  Chronic pain.  Disability. Or what happened […]

Update: The referrals have been sorted!

I posted yesterday about the craziness surrounding my children’s doctor referrals mostly in order to tell about Kender’s “analysis” of the situation, but a lot of people seemed to get concerned and were invested in hearing the outcome.  I am very very happy to announce that, after many phone calls to many doctors’ offices, I […]

Socially Acceptable Venting

I’ve been having a pretty tough day today with Kender. I’m taking advantage of the few brief moments here and there when he is silently pouting to type this out.  I need to get this out, even (or maybe especially!) on a bad day like today, because sometimes I feel like I have no voice. […]

IEP Torture

We had reasons for homeschooling from the beginning, reasons that had nothing to do with disabilities, especially since we had no reason to expect any disabled children. (Remember how the doctors told us Brian’s blindness was not genetic?) We had reasons like my experience being the smart one, the geek, the outcast, the loner, the […]

The Kender Report — Kender Does Zumba!

An amazing thing happened yesterday.  Kender participated in a class! A friend of mine teaches lots of Zumba classes, and she offers several at the homeschool co-op in which we participate.  She encouraged me to sign Kender up for her youngest Zumba Kids class on co-op days, even if all he did was curl up […]

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