‘Tis the Season

The gift-giving season, that is.  For our family, it starts in September, really, and runs all the way to March, after which our family gets a nice reprieve (except for Kender’s birthday).  Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, every month, one after another.  If you speak of friends, we have birthdays year-round, of course.  But then there is […]

Bored at a Wedding

Yesterday evening my husband and I had a wedding to go to.  Or, rather, a wedding reception.  We were invited as acquaintances.  I have no real friendship or connection to either the bride or the groom.  In fact, the groom couldn’t even remember my name!  Which means I was sitting for about four hours in […]

The Viking Invasion of the Buffet Line

It started out simply enough.  Closing ritual for ConVocation was over, Sarenth had planned to do a rune reading for me, all our other friends started making plans to eat lunch out and invited us along.  It sounded great, and we figured we’d just do the runecasting in the restaurant after eating and getting more […]

Random Thoughts

Someday, I want to buy a whole bunch of My Brittle Pony horse jerky from my supplier in Scotland, go into Hot Topic, and secretly pin a bag to each and every My Little Pony t-shirt for sale.  Then hide and watch.  That store has become such a disappointment over the past decade or so. […]

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