The Little Ways We Lead Ourselves Astray

When I was growing up, I loved reading stories that had anything to do with babies and motherhood.  I remember reading about the coming-of-age ritual of wearing your hair up in the Little House books, and wishing I had something like that to mark a transition for myself.  I remember stories of girls who cared […]

My Day in Court

I went to court today.  The path there really starts with my inability to mail things, or to go into an office to take of anything, especially government things.  Back in the days before finances all went online, I probably paid more money in late fees on things than I did in interest.  I would […]

The Power of Intervals

Intervals are a powerful thing.  Our brains and bodies get tired and worn down if we do the same thing over and over.  Whether it’s repetitive office work, a simple task on a factory line, or just nurse-burp-change the baby, after a certain point our performance actually declines if we keep doing the same thing.  […]

Imbolc 2014

Although we normally celebrate Imbolc on the second of February, today is when all the rituals in the area where scheduled.  A nice, clear Saturday afternoon, with everybody free of other obligations. Except on Hoth, where snow thwarts all plans.  The weather advisories started coming out on Thursday.  Friday afternoon saw Brenden’s wrestling tournament cancelled.  […]

It’s Finally Finished!

It’s done! Hallelujah, praise all the gods, drink and be merry, the match video is done!  I finally finished it Friday evening.  Since then, it’s been compiling into standard format files and uploading to the internet so I can share links with the trainers if something happens to the USB drive I’m going to Priority […]

To-Do List

I have this constant list of things that need to be done. The list is constantly floating through my mind like a cloud of expectations, with some things popping up and other things being forgotten and just floating away. Constantly reviewing this list is mentally and emotionally exhausting.  I know that writing these things down […]

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