Bedrest and thinking back on curses

I can’t do anything for myself, and I have this complex about asking other people to do things for me, afraid of being a mooch. If Brian forgets to do laundry, then I have no underwear. We have nobody to take him to the store, and the volunteer service won’t shop more often than twice […]

Growth Spurts, Underwear, and Religion

Every time my babies hit a growth spurt, my belly gets extremely itchy. Plus, whenever the stretch marks grow bigger they get really tender too; the front of my belly is more stretch mark than solid skin now, and those things can get sore!!! Imagine wearing jeans that are too tight, all day long, to […]

Cobedding and strong babies

We had been thinking about sleeping them together in one crib for the first three or four months, until they started sleeping through the night. Our pediatrician doesn’t think they’ll all fit for that long. It seems like we can’t afford yet another piece of furniture, but I found some bassinets for only $40 apiece, […]

Nerveless hands and eternal youth

My whole hands will often go numb when I’m asleep; at the very least my fingers do every night. My doctor says it’s just pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, caused by the same swelling tissues that cause my stuffy nose. About the only thing I can do for it is to wear splints to bed to keep […]

Checkup and a trip to the hospital

I had another doctor’s appointment this afternoon with the perinatologist, and the babies look really good. The ultrasound tech was even able to weigh the babies. Brenden is 1 lb 6 oz, Tamara is 1 lb 8 oz, and Caitlin is 1 lb 6 oz. Big babies! On the way back from the doctor’s office, […]

And how does the cat feel?

My poor kitten. His whole life has been uprooted this year, and it’s only going to get worse. Pixel was a gift from my husband, to cheer me up when we were beginning fertility treatments. He was my substitute baby, and I spoiled him rotten, carried him around with me everywhere. First thing to go […]

Breastfeeding plans

I plan to feed on demand…sort of. I’ll wait until one cries, then wake them all up in turn. That way they should stay somewhat in sync with each other. And I’ll keep a full diary, who ate how long from which teat in what order, dirty diapers, blah blah blah. Probably make their doctor […]

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