Doctor Visit

I finally got back in to see the perinatologist today, and everything is looking good. The stitches are holding and the babies look fine. For the first time ever, all three were sleeping for the ultrasound; then, of course, right when I was wiping the gook off, I got kicked by Caitlin…*sigh* I guess she […]

Getting used to the idea

I haven’t yet been able to find any support groups for mothers of higher-order multiples in town yet. There is a group for the national Mothers of Multiples, but my understanding is that they are primarily a twins group; they barely even mention triplets on their website. I could really use some connections; it gets […]

Identical or Fraternal

We’ve wondered for most of the pregnancy which we’d like to have, fraternal triplets or identical triplets, or maybe some of both. Brian thinks identicals would be really neat, although I can’t understand this since it would just make it harder for him to tell them apart. We’ve both thought that it would be better […]

Level III Ultrasound

We had our first Level III ultrasound today, finally! It was originally scheduled for last week, but apparently the doctor got subpeonaed to testify in court or something, so they had to reschedule it. We had been hoping to find out the sexes before the baby shower so we could tell everybody. The babies are […]

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