The Kender Report

Yesterday we went to Meijer Gardens with our homeschool group.  We’ve been so many places this summer: the aquatic center, the zoo, so many parks, the county fair, the children’s museum, to the store almost every day.  I’m learning to turn what’s been, “always no, unless there’s a really good reason,” into “always yes, unless […]

Fake a Disability

“Hey, did you know that [insert disability here] people get to [insert special access here]?  We could do that, too, because the government says that businesses aren’t allowed to ask questions.  Here, you pretend to have [insert disability here] and I’ll [get fake certification/baldly lie/pretend nothing’s wrong], and then we’ll get [insert special access here], […]

Happy Birthday, Kender!

Today is Kender’s sixth birthday.  I don’t think he understands what that means.  He screams no, covers his ears, and walks away if we say, “Happy Birthday!” or try to sing.  He’s never been able to say, “I’m (xx) years old.”  He doesn’t talk about his birthday, he doesn’t ask for a party, he doesn’t […]

Practice, Practice, Practice

Most of this week has been practice, review, doing the same things over and over.  We do an outdoor tracking session every day, followed by time at 4 Paws for lecture, practice, and questions.  Afternoons are either at the mall for practice, questions, and indoor tracking, or else more lecture and review at 4 Paws.  […]

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