It’s Finally Finished!

It’s done! Hallelujah, praise all the gods, drink and be merry, the match video is done!  I finally finished it Friday evening.  Since then, it’s been compiling into standard format files and uploading to the internet so I can share links with the trainers if something happens to the USB drive I’m going to Priority […]

I Am So Sick of Kender’s Match Video

Still working on it.  I’m not the only one; posts about the horrors of making these videos are increasing on our Facebook group for the dog class.  Every time I think I’m nearing the end, that all I have to do is stitch what I have together, I think of half a dozen more things […]

The Kender Report

I need to make it clear again that Kender’s dog is only an autism service dog.  We have never requested any special training regarding blindness from any agency.  4 Paws for Ability does not train dogs for blind people; they train dogs for autistic children.  Everything in our contract makes it clear that this dog […]

Kender’s Match Video, A Day in the Life

Today I am filming everything I can, along with extra commentary.  It feels really strange and awkward to be filming commentary instead of typing it.  Speech is not my natural communication medium.  I do much better typing.  But a video has been asked, and a video they shall receive.  To be fair, insisting on filming […]

Kender’s Video, ad infinitum ad nauseum

Why, oh why, oh why did I put this off so long?  How did I manage to forget about it?  I have finally, as of this afternoon, completely processed all of the clips and random video I’ve collected over the past seven months.  Great, so now I have all these behaviors labeled and sorted and […]


The Snowmageddon is upon us!  Forecasters earlier last week started issuing watches and warnings about heavy snowfall and bitter cold.  When predicted snow totals rose over 10″ and warnings were issued for “life-threatening wind chills,” people started to lose it a bit.  I didn’t venture into the major stores like Meijer or Kroger on Saturday, […]

Kender’s Match Video, Day 4

Today sucked for Kender’s video work.  I had hoped to get at least my own interview taped, but alas, time ran out.  Two hours of shoveling snow may have contributed to that a bit!  However, I did do something today.  I confirmed that it is possible to fast forward in the editor I am using, […]

Kender’s Match Video, day 1

It’s time to seriously start working on the “match video” for Kender’s service dog.  The packet telling us how to do this is five pages long, packed full of questions.  They need to know absolutely everything, from our previous history with dogs to every quirk of Kender’s personality. First up is an interview with both […]

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