Kender’s Match Form, page 3

This is the last page of the form I’ve been filling out the past couple of days. What type of hair would they like?  I chose “furry/soft” because it’s closest to the cats that he knows and pets and sometimes uses for pillows.  Otherwise, I really don’t know.  He hasn’t shown an aversion to any […]

Kender’s Match Form, page 2

Yesterday, I started work on Kender’s “Making a Good Match” form for 4 Paws.  I’m posting the process of filling out the forms and making the video here for two reasons:  1) to keep me on track by reminding me to do something every day, and 2) to provide a forum for folks to offer […]

Socially Acceptable Venting

I’ve been having a pretty tough day today with Kender. I’m taking advantage of the few brief moments here and there when he is silently pouting to type this out.  I need to get this out, even (or maybe especially!) on a bad day like today, because sometimes I feel like I have no voice. […]

Another Week

Time just seems to fly by sometimes.  This week has been so busy, with Brenden’s broken finger and things here and there and everywhere.  So much has happened.  I’ve gotten things accomplished, if not the same things as last week.  I fell down skating on Sunday, and so I’ve been horribly sore all week, every […]

This week was great because…

Similar to the ideas of focusing on the roses, or of enumerating things to be grateful for, another idea for improving positive thinking is to focus on what has been accomplished and what has been good.  Fat Man has used this idea pretty successfully himself, and it’s been floating to the surface of my mind […]

IEP Torture

We had reasons for homeschooling from the beginning, reasons that had nothing to do with disabilities, especially since we had no reason to expect any disabled children. (Remember how the doctors told us Brian’s blindness was not genetic?) We had reasons like my experience being the smart one, the geek, the outcast, the loner, the […]

The Kender Report — Kender Does Zumba!

An amazing thing happened yesterday.  Kender participated in a class! A friend of mine teaches lots of Zumba classes, and she offers several at the homeschool co-op in which we participate.  She encouraged me to sign Kender up for her youngest Zumba Kids class on co-op days, even if all he did was curl up […]

It’s Not Offensive to Ask for Proof

The tale of Disney revoking their Guest Assistance Card program has been making the rounds this week, showing up in my feeds multiple times.  Responses range from outrage at Disney to outrage at the frauds that abused Disney’s kindness.  I see nobody addressing what I think is the root problem here: People who get outraged […]

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