On the Lord and the Lady

Someone asked last week who the Lord and the Lady are within Wicca.  They are the personification of the duality and polarity present within all nature as we know it.  Throughout the universe, we see light and dark, matter and antimatter, protons and electrons, positive and negative, hot and cold.  Within life as we know […]

Pagan Piety

Elizabeth Vongvisith posted a Pagan Piety Survey earlier this month.  Here is my response: My craft name is Solinox.  I am a 37-year-old female living near Lansing, Michigan.  I have been pagan for 23 years, ever since discovering Buckland’s Blue Book in a friend’s backpack in high school.  I am Wiccan, currently a first-degree Priestess […]

Definitions and My Beliefs

I was prompted to write this post by my good friend Sarenth Odinsson, and his post seeking to understand how other pagans use certain terms and carry certain beliefs.  I appreciate promptings like this, as they always force me back to the basics of my belief and the way I see the world.  Usually I […]

Time to Reassess

We just spent a wonderful weekend at Michigan PaganFest with our friends. This was my second year to attend the festival, but the first time I’ve spent the whole weekend there, and the first time the rest of my family came along.  My mother offered to come with us, so we were able to use […]

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