Self-Consciousness and Validity

Self-consciousness is a big issue for me in my religious practice, and one that I am working hard to overcome.  I suspect it will be a long process. My religious self-consciousness is probably tied into my general issues of self-esteem and the social experiences I have had since childhood.  I spent most of my childhood […]

I Have a Dark Sense of Humor

I just happened to have this topic on my list for today.  Go figure.  It will work out well, for I have a dark sense of humor, and my responses to today will not be the same as most others’. I have never had trouble laughing during serious times.  I can crack jokes and play […]

I Have Big Eyes

You know that old saying about your eyes being bigger than your stomach?  I have that problem with my whole life.  I love the idea of new things, and I’m always wanting to try new things.  I rarely stop to seriously consider whether something is reasonably within reach. I started running a couple of years […]

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