I Am a Stormchaser

I love storms.  I love their power, their intensity, their beauty.  They are captivating to me.  Whenever a storm rolls through, I open the windows so that I can hear the thunder and smell the rain.  I’ll go outside so I can see the lightning. I miss being in Texas, where you could see so […]

I Am a Dreamer

I love to dream.  I love to imagine what could be, other worlds, other realities.  Sometimes I wish I could remember my dreams better, and turn them into stories of my own, but mostly I enjoy visiting the worlds of others.  Science fiction and fantasy, but mostly fantasy, are the staples of my entertainment diet.  […]

I Am Wiccan

Thanks to the vagaries of life and the internet, this week has appeared quiet in blogland.  But I have kept my vow, I just need to get them all posted! I’ve been praised for my courage in exposing myself online like this.  Others have asked why.  For me, it is definitely easier to communicate online.  […]

I Am Not a Team Player

I have trust issues. I have perfection issues. I have communication issues. None of those things goes along well with working together with other people. I can do it if there is a clear outline of tasks and responsibilities, and if I feel I can count on the others to do their part.  But collaboration? […]

I Am Not an Athlete

I have no idea how this comes across to various people I know.  Maybe it’s obvious, maybe not.  But I am definitely not an athlete. I know I have tried pretty hard over the past years.  I tried pretty hard sometimes as a kid, too.  I learned figure skating.  I took gymnastics for a couple […]

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