Skating Night

  • I fell down.  Good news: My reflexes still kept me from a direct hit to the tailbone.  Bad news: I already hurt. Ouch. That’s what I get for paying attention to the Cowboys stats at halftime.
  • Yes, they have a giant projection screen at one end of the rink, and they show the football game on Sunday nights. And there’s always three or four guys standing at that end of the center ring, halfheartedly stepping while watching the game.
  • Dude wanted to know why I “wasn’t talking” to him tonight. Maybe I should try a little less hard to hold back the giggles when I see him.  And no, Dude, we do not have a “connection” when our eyes meet.
  • There’s a jam coming up after Thanksgiving.  Given how beat up I feel right now after two hours with these folks, I wonder if I’m going to be up to 4 hours of skating after midnight by then.  Jams are so much fun, though.
  • I need to wear my contacts.  I feel blinded when I’m skating backwards, especially when the lights are out.
  • On the way to the rink tonight, I had all these things running through my head, brainstorming about Kender and planning for Vikings class and checklists. I figured I would be running over and over that stuff while I was skating, like I do while biking or running. Nope.  Ten minutes, and my head was completely clear.  That’s some pretty good medicine.

This week was great because…

Similar to the ideas of focusing on the roses, or of enumerating things to be grateful for, another idea for improving positive thinking is to focus on what has been accomplished and what has been good.  Fat Man has used this idea pretty successfully himself, and it’s been floating to the surface of my mind this week.

This week has been good because I went skating twice, and skated so hard that I was sore the next day.

This week has been good because every day (that I’ve been home; Foster doesn’t count!) I have gotten my basic daily chores done.  I’ve done laundry.  I’ve cooked dinner.  I’ve been writing.  I’ve been practicing with my bodhran. I’ve been picking things up.  I haven’t been able to get this much done this consistently in months, maybe years.20131025 Kender's big check

This week has been good because I finally made a trip to the bank to deposit Kender‘s donations, and he showed off his giant check to the tellers.

This week has been good because I learned more new things for my Vikings class, and learned more about a new craft that might help keep my hands and feet warmer in the winter.

20131108 Midnight in cageThis week has been good because I caught Midnight escaping her cage, and I moved her and her things into Pixel’s old cage before Teddy Bear actually caught her and decided she was tasty.

This week has been good because I discovered my pie crust recipe makes an excellent, tasty wrapper for pasties.

This week has been good because I played Othello with Liam and Jarod, and I got to watch Jarod learn how to think ahead and anticipate my moves.

This week was great.

Notes from Edru

  • I’m out of shape.
  • No, biking does not work the skating muscles any more than running did.
  • Being out of shape and out of practice combined with a freshly refinished floor and some nice Fo-Macs just invites things like bruises and comments such as, “Honey, you’re just a little off there.”  I did not acquire any bruises tonight.
  • I always forget how much fun it is just to see all the characters and the bling.  The couple with the matching motion-activated colored LEDs on their trucks. The guy who always shows up in a full, sleek suit, complete with pocket kerchief, tie pin, sunglasses…and mukluk skate covers.  The splits girls.
  • Dude, no amount of mouthwash is going to cover up the alcohol on your breath, which is not helping you any when you try to get my phone number.  Like I’m actually here to pick up random strangers, in my tie-dyed t-shirt and my worst bra and my granny bun.  And yes, I’m going to get the giggles now every time you catch my eye, because I think you’re funny as hell.
  • Did I mention that I’m out of shape?
  • My personal opinion is that there are entirely too many whistles coming out for “Blow the Whistle”.  Shut up already.  Especially when you’re sneaking up behind me.
  • I made up a new slide for slower songs.  Somebody needs to come do it with me so other people will join in.  I’m cool. Really.
  • Why the hell are my arms sore???