It’s a Girl!

We found out today that we have at least one girl. We couldn’t get a good enough look at the other two today, so we don’t know about them, but Lefty is now Tamara Elayne. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the other two better on Monday, when we go in for the Level III ultrasound.

So far I’ve gained 26 pounds, which I think is pretty much on track considering I’ll start gaining even faster soon. I’m not doing anything special, though. I just told myself I could throw everything Jenny Craig taught me about only eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full out the window and eat as much as I want whenever I want. So I stuff myself sometimes, but I don’t force myself to eat or anything. I try to get in a good protein shake every day, and eat lots of protein at other times, but aside from that I just follow my appetite…and then some! It’s going to be interesting unlearning all these bad habits again after the babies come.

The end of this month is when I’ll get mean about bedrest. But I’ll probably start for the most part as soon as we move, because we’re going to just set everything up for it as we move in. It’s much easier that way.

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