Moving Day

Even though the house we’ve been living in is only a couple of miles away from Brian’s office, right across the highway, he has been unable to find a ride to work since he’s been there. So today we moved across the highway to an apartment complex right next door to Brian’s office. This way, he’ll be able to walk to work while I’m on bedrest.

The move exhausted me even though I didn’t really do anything. I was under strict orders from my doctor not to pack or move anything. Still, I felt like a complete heel, sitting around and telling other people what to do. It was the fastest move we’ve ever made; we actually got everything done in one day, instead of the usual two weeks. Some friends of ours even loaned us their kids for the day to help with the small stuff; they worked hard for us. We also had some friends that Brian met through his old job helping us out. They’re three guys who have spent almost every weekend for the last twenty years helping somebody move. They were great; beer is a wonderful incentive!

It’s just really starting to hit just how crowded we will be here. We plan to move after the babies are born, but the time in between their coming home and the next move is going to be rough. This is a 900 sq. ft., 3-bedroom apartment; we wouldn’t even have been able to get our old waterbed in here! But, of course, we had no choice, if Brian is to be able to get to work.

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