Checkup and a trip to the hospital

I had another doctor’s appointment this afternoon with the perinatologist, and the babies look really good. The ultrasound tech was even able to weigh the babies. Brenden is 1 lb 6 oz, Tamara is 1 lb 8 oz, and Caitlin is 1 lb 6 oz. Big babies!

On the way back from the doctor’s office, I started feeling tight in my belly, and some pain and pressure on my cervix. So I talked to the nurse on call, and she sent me to the hospital to be monitored and checked. This has to be my dad’s fault for making jokes about having the babies on his birthday!!

It turns out that I am having contractions, but they are very mild and not regular at all. Also my cervix is still good and shut. So the doctors don’t want to put me on any kind of tocolytics unless the contractions become stronger or more regular. They monitored me for a while and got heart tones on the babies, and sent me back home.

Now I’m back on complete bedrest again, at least until next week when I go see my regular doctor again. But everything is okay, this is just one of those things with triplets, it’s only just getting started and I’ll be making lots of trips to the hospital before the babies are born. Even if they come soon, though, they’re far enough along and big enough that they will be okay, they just would be in the NICU for a long time.

All’s well and I didn’t even have to eat any hospital food! Still, even having the last four months to prepare for lots of bedrest, that doesn’t make it any easier. Logistically we have it pretty much down, it’s the emotional part that gets to me; it’s so frustrating!!!

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