Cobedding and strong babies

We had been thinking about sleeping them together in one crib for the first three or four months, until they started sleeping through the night. Our pediatrician doesn’t think they’ll all fit for that long. It seems like we can’t afford yet another piece of furniture, but I found some bassinets for only $40 apiece, so bassinets it is! I am going to see if they can sleep together in the hospital, though, especially if they’re in NICU; all the research I’ve seen indicates that it would be very good for them, helping them gain weight and get healthy faster.

If I had one baby, I would cosleep in my bed. If I had two babies, I would put them in a crib together. With three babies, I’m keeping them in our room, but there’s just too much baby to either put in our bed or in one crib, so they’re each getting their own bassinet. During the day I may put them on the floor together or something like that; that’s about the only safe place where there would be enough room for them all!

I was getting kicked pretty hard by one baby last night towards the bottom. I think she hit a nerve or something, because everytime she kicked out real hard I had the same reaction that I do to being tickled, I’d kind of involuntarily jerk. It’s amazing how strong they are already. I always feel my vertex baby (the one on the bottom) more than any of the others, probably because whoever happens to be down there tends to kick my cervix a lot.

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