Chefs, and a trip to the hospital

I sure could go for some hot, fresh, cooked-in-front-of-me food. I came across the neatest thing a few weeks ago when I was looking for something I could get myself for dinner while Brian was at Fiesta Texas. There’s a company in town that will come to your house, plan a multi-course meal with you, go shopping, cook it in your kitchen, clean everything up, and freeze/refrigerate the leftovers. No prices on the website, so I bet it costs out the butt, but isn’t that just a dream come true sometimes?

Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment. For the first time ever he actually didn’t look at the babies, just listened. He also measured me, and I was 37 cm!! So those of you who were wondering just how big I was, now you know. Everything looked great, and since I hadn’t been having any more contractions, they let me back up to light duty. However, every week that goes by just makes it harder for me to even tolerate light duty, so I’m still pretty much staying on the couch, getting waited on by Brian. I did meet some friends for a quick lunch out yesterday, though.

I have been having dizzy spells, heart palpitations, and breathlessness for the last several months. When I mentioned this all to my doctor, he basically gave me a list of 50-odd things that are perfectly normal that are probably causing all of that, especially since all my vitals are normal.

Last night around seven I got an extremely sharp pain along the left side of my abdomen, so bad I could hardly breathe before it finally backed down. It lasted about half an hour. Then as it faded, it radiated out to the center of my belly and the bottom, and a little while later I started having contractions. A little stronger than last week, still not regular, but over 10 an hour. So we headed on down to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital, they were strong enough to start pulling on my stitches in my cervix (OUCH!). The contractions didn’t hurt at all, but the stitches certainly did!

They put me on a fluid drip in the hospital, and the contractions eventually backed down, although it took until about 4 in the morning for them to go away completely. They kept me overnight and through breakfast, but the contractions didn’t start up again, so they let me come on home. They actually didn’t put me back on bedrest this time, but I’m pretty much doing it anyway, like I said. The doctor who was on call basically just said that, since I’m going to be spending so much time in the hospital anyway, and I have gotten a pretty good grip on when I’m having contractions, he didn’t see any point in making me hang out up there if nothing was actively happening.

So…another eventful evening, another sore spot on my wrist, another doctor who knows what I look like…but nothing really changed. You’d think I’d really be going batty at this point, but there isn’t much I can do about any of it, and as a matter of fact, I am doing a hundred times better than I had any right to expect at this point. It’s a wonder I’m not already on tocolytics, or permanently admitted, or something else nasty. So I’m pretty happy with things, considering.

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