Yesterday was going really well, until about one o’clock. That’s when I decided to brush my hair. I was about halfway through when Liam decided to roll over and smack the back of his head on the edge of one of the coffee table legs. I picked him up, but he wouldn’t be consoled, so I wound up letting him nurse to calm him down. While I was doing that, both Tamara and Caitlin decided to go potty. When I finally got up there, they were apparently taking turns sitting on the toilet and wiping. There was a huge mass of toilet paper in the toilet, and when I tried to flush, it overflowed.

Had a bit of a scare earlier this week. The kids were watching the Wiggles on the Disney channel, and I was in the bathroom, when suddenly I heard that sound they use for the Emergency Broadcast/Civil Defense system. Talk about a heart attack! I have never before heard that sound unless it was on the radar channel back home (for weather alerts) or it was immediately followed by, “This is a test…” They didn’t say it was a test. I rushed to finish and raced downstairs to find…nothing. Not a blessed thing.

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