06-01 Murphy Hates Me

I’m about to start my period.  In fact, by the time I see the doctor again on Wednesday, it’ll probably be in full flood stage.  Of all the months to choose from, it had to pick now to go to a 28-day cycle????  It hurts to wear panties still.  What am I supposed to do, sit on the toilet for the next week?

05-31 Sore Tailbone

My butt hurts! All I do is sit on my butt, straight on, all day and all night. I still can’t lay flat in bed, so I sleep on my back but propped up with pillows under my shoulders and knees. Can’t roll over. Can’t lounge on my side. All I can do to relieve the pressure is stand up and walk around. That’s not much fun, either, though, because I still can’t quite stand up straight. Almost there, but not quite. So when I walk, I have to hunch just enough to piss my back muscles off. So either my butt is sore and numb, or my back hurts.

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