Evil Companies

I’m watching an argument right now on one of my birthing lists. It’s about Enfamil’s new DHA supplement for nursing moms. The woman who originally posted about it is furious. She cannot stand the thought of the evil formula companies getting money from breastfeeding moms, because of course they’re going to use it to expand their evil empire of forcing third world moms to beggar themselves for formula….you get the idea.

Texas Trip

We went to Texas again this week, and this time we took Daddy with us. It was a little sad, because we went for GrandDaddy’s funeral. But we still had a great trip, and got to meet all kinds of cousins. Everybody got along so well, they got in twice as much trouble as apart! *And* we finally broke the news in person to the rest of the family, so now we can post it here……..


Baby #5 will be coming along to join us sometime next January or February…hopefully not in a blizzard!

Funeral in Texas

Brian’s grandfather died last Wednesday night/Thursday morning, so we just got back from a last-minute trip to Texas! Everybody says, “Oh, I’m so sorry,” but really, he was 84 years old, he’s had Alzheimer’s for at least 5 years, and he’s been literally on his deathbed for almost a year. It’s not like it was a surprise, it’s not like it was cutting his life short or anything. An old man died in his time…

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