Jarod’s diapers

Sure, that’s the last thing you want to hear about, but it’s still so amazing to note how each baby is completely different from the rest of the family. Even after five kids, all from the same little gene pool, they all are so incredibly unique. In this case, Jarod is the only child who doesn’t like to have wet or poopy diapers. All of the other four couldn’t have cared less. We had to just change them on a schedule, because they never let us know they were wet. Jarod is a different story; he lets you know…vociferously!

Still there?

Yes, my tummy is still here, and still in pretty good condition. That’s right, folks, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention to my other blogs, I had a baby this year. After my tummy tuck. It was a gamble, but I won. I was betting that a singleton by itself had no chance of causing the massive deformities my triplets caused. I took extra care this pregnancy to keep my abdominal muscles in shape and to take care of the skin on my tummy. I ended up with a big batch of horizontal stretch marks above my belly-button, but other than that, things look great!


As part of my born-again blogginess, I plan to keep track of my exercise on here. I’ve been saying I was going to start exercising for several weeks, but I never get around to it. So, I hereby vow to report every single day on my progress (or lack thereof), thus providing a mystical source of incentive to “git ‘er done.”

Send Me Money!

I see all these websites out there, and I’m thinking…Why the hell not? Why shouldn’t I just be able to beg for money with the best of them? I’m always saying I can’t sell. I couldn’t sell water in Death Valley, for crying out loud. Why not prove it once and for all by showing that I can’t possibly sell my own self? At the very least, it ought to be a nice, stress-relieving hobby, right?

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