More on the break

We just heard back from the doctor’s office this morning. After reviewing the reports over the weekend, they want her to see an orthopedist to be sure that the treatment is sufficient and correct. They’re going to try to get her an appointment as soon as possible, with their preferred orthopedist or with a different one if necessary.

Tough Breaks

The one triplet who had so far avoided any stitches now has the dubious distinction of being the first person in the family to break a bone. Tamara managed to fall off her own two feet, on a flat, carpeted floor, and break her ring finger last Friday. She broke the base of her ring finger on her left hand. It was a clean break, and the doctor just put a splint on the one finger and sent her home. We decided to support it a little more by taping that finger to the two fingers next to it, both to protect it and to make sure it stays straight.

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