It’s hard to think of a single moment, but I know which moments stand out the most: Moments outdoors. When I try to isolate the most vivid memory of the year, the two things that come to mind are the days spent at the park with other homeschool families, and the days of outdoor ritual with our new church family. Both seemed to make an equal impression on my memory, but now that I’ve started writing one day in particular has started to stand out.


I always intend to write more than I do. Ever since I was a girl, I’ve intended to keep a journal. As the internet took over, the journal has become a blog, and it’s still been something I intended to keep up with. But it never seems to happen. I’ll rededicate myself, and while it might last a few days or even weeks, it quickly falls by the wayside again. I want to write. I think of things all day long that I want to write or share. But the actual sitting down and doing it just seems to get forgotten.

One Word

If I had to describe 2010 in one word for us, it would be “unfinished.” We started out the year with so many great plans and ideas, and nothing got completed. I feel like we made zero progress in almost every area of our lives.

We vowed last December to get on track to eliminating our debt. Instead, this year we tacked on debt for a vacation, a TV, and home insulation.


I’ve decided to participate in #reverb10 this year. I ran across a reference to it on another blog, and it seems like a great idea for reflecting on the year and making plans for next year. The idea is to write on a different reflective prompting every day of December. I’m coming in a little late, so I’ll be playing catch-up for a few days. I’m really looking forward to having some outside nudges to keep me blogging through the month.

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