More Eye Issues

It took longer than usual last night to get a call back, even considering it was after office hours, but Dr. Faya called us back and said to bring her in to the Royal Oak office in the morning, NPO in case anything needed to be done. (I am so thankful to be living so close to them that we really can bring the kids in at the drop of a hat!)

So we got up and left at the butt-crack of dawn to make sure and get to the office when they opened. Dr. Luo (? I think? haven’t seen/met him before) looked at her, and said yes, she has quite a bit of bleeding in the left eye, so he left to call Dr. Trese (who wasn’t actually in that office today) to see what to do. Dr. Trese said that he wouldn’t be able to do anything today as far as laser cauterization, because there is so much blood floating around in her eye now that they can’t get a clear shot of where it’s coming from. She’s not actually seeing curtains or blank spots, so they don’t think there’s any active detachment. They put a shield patch on the eye and ordered her to low activity and sleeping upright, in the hopes that the exudates will start to precipitate out and clear the vitreous. We go back to the office on Tuesday to follow up; if she is having no signs of detachment and the vitreous seems to be clearing, we will go ahead with her previously-scheduled EUA with fluoroscein angiogram next Friday the 22nd (along with Tamara and Kender), and just expect that she will, at a minimum, get fresh laser cauterization at that time. Of course, if she shows any signs of incipient detachment, we’ll go back immediately and I guess he’ll do a vitrectomy to clear things out so he can reattach the retina and cauterize the bleed.

Three trips in 8 days. I’m glad we live close, but in my 12-passenger van, crossing half the state still ain’t cheap! Not to mention we are NEVER going to catch up on our school work if this stuff keeps happening.

On the positive side: ATLAS SHRUGGED opens today! Happy Tax Day (or what should have been Tax Day) and TANSTAAFL everybody!

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