Decisions, Decisions

20130618_190918One of the most difficult things for me to do is to make decisions.  Do I want to order pizza or have Chinese food? Do I want to knit on the tank top, or sew a fairy skirt, or finish that dress?  Should I read Analog or Asimov’s first this month? Which of the 15 really important, urgent things on my to-do list should I do first?

I mentioned before that I am a Lokean.  Why not let chance make these decisions for me?  If multiple choices truly are equal, there is no reason for me to stress over making that decision.  I know that I have trouble with this, and I see a way to stop that trouble without causing problems:


Yes, all those wonderful, multi-sided dice from role-playing games.  I have a lovely marbled purple set myself.  I have never been a great collector of dice, like some players with their giant dice bags.  I prefer to have just enough to meet my needs, and use a set that I like.  I can use this set to figure out just about any number of things.  All I have to do is count out my options, find a dice with the right number of sides, and roll.

I’d be really cool, walking around with my dice bag all the time, rolling the dice to see how the day is going to go.  I don’t want anything extra to carry, though.  Sometimes I like to just leave the house with my wallet and my keys and my phone, and nothing else.

Did you know there are dice apps?  I started using a dice app for gaming when I got my first smart phone.  Dice apps are fantastic.  You can pick the colors of your dice, you can roll any number of any sided dice, you can usually store dice combinations you use frequently, and you can even set the background.  The app is on my phone, so it is always with me, and I won’t forget it.

Decision making solved.

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  1. That is way better than pulling a PsiCard randomly out of the deck, staring at it blankly and saying, “Now what the heck is that supposed to mean”, repeating process until I’ve basically done a reading for myself, which, as I’ve explained to my own students repeatedly, is like cutting your own hair at the back. You can’t see that without a mirror so you are sure to get it wrong and look pretty funny. Don’t do that.

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