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Caitlin has been working for the past year or so with Reach Art Studio.  They have a Teen Open Studio program that runs once a week during the school year and twice a week over the summer.  Reach is funded by grants and donations, so the Teen Studio is free to students.  Kids come in and work on all kinds of art projects while they learn to develop their skills and how to market their artwork to the public.  Teen Open Studio has been working with area institutions and artists to create real art installations that the public will see, and Caitlin got to work on one this year.  She helped create a glass solar system art piece for Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing.  Check out this video of the process and the finished work:

REACH Teen Open Studio from Dan Hartley on Vimeo.

Caitlin has art in her heart.  She is always doodling or sketching something, drawing intricate pictures, putting comics in the margins of her schoolwork, leaving inspiring or funny pictures on whiteboards around the house every day.  Here are a few more drawings she has done for us:

2012 River fairy

2012 Meditation

Things to do

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