Out of Chaos…Life

Camp is coming, need to buy socks, need to buy shoes, need to buy swimsuits, need to check Caitlin’s glasses again, need to check the door, where is Kender, need to sell my Warrior Dash ticket, need to clean the living room, what’s for dinner, need to sew TARDIS dress, need to finish fairy skirts, need to sew clothes to sell, where can I find more fabric, need to finish the basement floor, need to finish planting my garden, need to replace the stolen blueberry bushes, need to harvest raspberries, need to clean up the yard, need to replace the awning, what do you do with a fatally broken hot tub, need to refinish the floors, need to replace the carpet, need to buy diapers, how am I going to potty train Kender, need to Braille some more books, need to fence in the yard for the service dog, where is Kender, need to scan and clear all the homeschool paperwork backlog, need to pay the bills, how can I bring in more money, what’s for dinner, need to do menu planning, need to go grocery shopping, we’re out of fruit, need more exercise, why won’t the internet connection work in the living room, need to see a rheumatologist, will I ever go skating again, time for a bike ride, time to make bread, time to make the donuts, time to feed the children, time to pray, time for ritual, need to renew the vehicle registrations, need to get a handicapped placard, need to return all the old cassette talking books, need to order a new cane for Kender, need to work on my BoS, need to work on Jarod’s school, need to check schoolwork, need to sell old textbooks, need to roll change for Kender’s account, need to work on Kender’s video for 4 Paws, time to sleep, time to get up, time to work on the marriage, need to reserve a wedding location, need to find wedding rings, need to choose a dress, Brenden wants to go to high school, how much do Oak Meadow teachers cost, mother may I, mommy can I, mom mom mom, why is Caitlin mad, why is Liam mad, who is Brenden visiting now, need to clean up the library, need to return bottles to the store…

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I am a Wiccan priestess, a libertarian mother of triplets plus three, a wife and homeschooling mom to blind and autistic children, a fiber artist, and a Jane of All Trades, always learning and seeking to help.

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