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Kender’s party went really well, better than I expected.  I only invited three good friends, but the house was full, food and soda were consumed in large quantities, and Kender ended up with more presents than he could open in one evening. Which isn’t saying much, I guess, since he still needed to be coaxed into opening each present, and then didn’t want to leave his new toy to open the next one.  This was the first time, though, that he really got into it at all, helping to unwrap his presents and actively playing with the new toys.  He didn’t manage to blow out any of his candles, but he sure did get a giggly kick out of trying, and watching us blow them out one by one.  He even started singing himself “Happy Birthday” after we did.

The cake went well, but I think I will skip the beet recipe next time.  Not that it tasted bad, but I don’t think the beets added enough to be worth the trouble.  The cakes were fantastic, everybody loved them, even though they were so rich some of us couldn’t finish a piece.  I ended up having enough for everybody at the party with one cake, so I saved the second cake to take to our Lammas ritual yesterday.  Very little of that one came home!

I’ve been biking this summer, since apparently I shouldn’t ever be running again. I got a Fuji Absolute 2.1, and I have been very happy with it.  So far, I think my top speed has been 27 mph.  I’ve been building a base of about 30 miles per week.  Today, I’m going to do 13 miles instead of 10.  My plan for the moment is to follow an increase-fallback-resume pattern, increasing mileage by 10% every 3 weeks followed by a lighter recovery week.  I have no set goal to train for right now, because I don’t want to push myself too hard again.  I just want to ride and work on going faster.  If you want to follow me, you can see my activity here now that I’ve found all my Garmin gear again.

All of the spiritual messages I am getting right now amount to, “You’re going the wrong way,” or, “Do something completely different.”  I’ve been working with that, but I haven’t figured it out yet.  I feel like I have a thousand strings tying me down to the ground, strings of duty and obligation, when all I want to do is fly up to orbit and watch the sun rise.  Or sometimes there’s a path in front of me, but it’s blocked by the web of strings tied to my past.  And I can’t cut the strings, because then I will be cutting away and sacrificing my family, my blood.  This is a thorny mess for my brain to work out.

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