School Orientation Day

Freshman orientation for Mason High School was today.  Brenden and I had to be at the school at 7:30 this morning. That’s at least an hour before I usually crawl out of bed. I have a very hard time making myself go to sleep early, so that means I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night.  I am not a happy camper about this. I’m a little concerned about the transition to waking up earlier every day once school starts. I’m trying to stay on the bright side of it by thinking that it will help me get more into a schedule with the other kids.

Sending him to government school is looking more and more expensive every day.  Today I found out that he will need a graphing calculator.  (In our homeschool, we avoid calculators whenever possible, and use computers when we must.) He also needs a lock for his gym locker.  This is in addition to the list of usual school supplies and clothes that would be needed anyway.

There were a lot of comments made during the orientation about things that would be “just like middle school,” or about that teacher “all of you had in middle school.” By the end of the orientation, it was getting rather annoying.  I pulled Brenden’s Ties (like homeroom) teacher aside and made sure he knew that Brenden hadn’t been in the middle school, so he didn’t have that shared background. Not that I think it will matter for long.  Brenden learns quickly and blends in easily.  I just wanted to make sure the teacher was aware.

I’ve learned some interesting things.  Although Mason is about the same size as Georgetown was, this high school has a lot of very nice features.  I already knew about the swimming pool, since we’ve taken the kids for lessons there.  They also have a pottery studio, a gymnastics room, and a coffee bar in the library. They have all the sports and then some, and they offer classes and clubs in architecture, AutoCAD, robotics, all sorts of fascinating subjects.

Brenden spent the entire morning practicing his poker face.  He’s very good at it, no expression whatsoever.  When asked, though, he said he was still exciting and looking forward to school starting.

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