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Through another family in Kender’s training class at 4 Paws, I found out about a new fundraising opportunitythredUP is a website that resells quality used clothing online. They have lots of name-brand clothing, including brands that I love like Lane Bryant, Coldwater Creek, and Avenue, all bargain priced and guaranteed to be in good shape, in all the sizes.  I’m excited just for the shopping opportunities here!  The fundraiser is just as exciting, because thredUP is doing a matching program this fall.  Any campaign that reaches its goal and closes before the end of this year will be matched up to $1000!

I set up a group for 4 Paws 4 Kender.  Anybody can join the group and order “clean out” bags. The bags are shipped to you for free, and you fill them up and ship them back for free.  thredUP sorts the clothing and credits you with money for the items they accept.  Then you mark the credits as going toward Kender’s fundraiser.  This is even easier than giving your items to Goodwill, because you don’t even have to drive to the donation site!

In other things Kender and fundraising, keep an eye on my Etsy store over the next few weeks as I get old and new items back up for sale, including my absolutely fabulous TARDIS ballgown, which was admired in person by none other than John Barrowman at this year’s DragonCon!

TARDIS ballgown
Thanks to my lovely, lovely client, who asked me to make this first dress and allowed me to use her pictures.

All our items, including items that were formerly up for silent auction, will also be available for sale at the Midwest Witches’ Bazaar next month, if you want to come out and take a look in person.

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