It’s Finally Finished!

It’s done! Hallelujah, praise all the gods, drink and be merry, the match video is done!  I finally finished it Friday evening.  Since then, it’s been compiling into standard format files and uploading to the internet so I can share links with the trainers if something happens to the USB drive I’m going to Priority Mail to them tomorrow.  It is 7 hours and 45 minutes long, right about 20 GB of data in .mpeg format.  The Kender’s Match Video post has the outline of everything we put into the video.  I’ll be uploading a few pieces to YouTube and adding links to that post as I get them set up.  One of the more awesome clips I’m looking forward to sharing follows Brian and Kender through a parking lot and into the mall, and we discuss their particular style of using the mobility cane.  Not a lot of people are familiar with their constant contact technique or how and why they use it, so I’m excited to be able to share.

I started seriously working on the video again sometime around December 22.  That means I’ve spent more than a month consumed by the process of filming, editing, scripting, and captioning.  I can’t believe it’s finally over and we can move on with our life.

Next month, on February 8th, Brian and I will be renewing our marriage commitment to each other.  We’re having a big wedding and inviting all our friends and family because we practically eloped the first time around; this time, we want a big party.  I’m not planning anything fancy like your typical American movie wedding; I can’t afford that shit!  We’re going to have a ceremony full of meaning for us, though, cake and coffee to share with everybody, and a reception at home with our own homemade beer and gumbo and yummies.  We’re going to put our love on display for everybody to see and share.

Even though it will be done on a shoestring budget, there is still some planning to do.  I have two weeks now to make sure I have a dress, set up the few decorations I need, arrange for cakes or cupcakes or whatever, nail down the actual ceremony and go over it with my Priests, and book a hotel so we can run away after the reception instead of cleaning it up (Brian insisted!).

After the wedding, I will be giving my first two convention workshops ever at ConVocation later in the month.  I’m teaching two classes: Living Truth in the Face of Judgment and Fighting Perfectionism.  I need to script out the exercises I’m going to walk attendees through, make up fliers, pick and choose the stories I want to tell, etc.

Basically, I’m still going to be pretty busy for the next month!  All in a good cause, though!  Now if the weather would just warm up a teensy bit…

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