Sock Madness 8, Round 3

Round 3 was pretty interesting this year.  First off, there were the specs, which had everybody talking way back in February before we even knew in which round they were going to be used.

  • Yarn: Knitting Goddess merino/nylon 2 x 50g, Knitting Goddess mini-skein set in Rainbow 7x10g (C1-C7)
  • Needles: US1/2.25mm circular needles or dpns, US2/2.75mm circular needles
  • Gauge: 9 sts per inch in stockinette with smaller needles, 9.5 sts per inch in linen stitch with larger needles
  • Notions: eight 3/10-in (8mm) flat buttons, 2 matches

Eight colors for one sock?  And what on earth are those matches for???

Well, the colors turned out to be for things like this:

20140418 SM8 Round 3 cuff

And this (see how the colors make little dots on the heel?):20140418 SM8 Round 3 heel

And this (look at all those ends!!):20140418 SM8 Round 3 WIP

As for the matches, they weren’t actually part of the socks. They were just placeholders used to keep the buttons from getting sewn on too tight:

20140418 SM8 Round 3 matchesAfter watching 3 episodes of Vikings, 18 episodes of classic Doctor Who, 7 of episodes Game of Thrones, 3 episodes of True Blood, the Thomas Crown Affair, A Knight’s Tale, and Pacific Rim; and knitting during one doctor’s appointment, a day at our Foster homeschool co-op, waiting at cheer practice and a therapy appointment, a little hanging out with friends, and a lot of listening to Kender screaming, about 29.5 hours of active knitting overall, I give you the completed Round 3 socks, Rainbow Pipes with Linen Stitch:

20140418 SM8 Round 3As of today, we are nearly two weeks out from the pattern release, and we are still waiting for 69 out of 286 knitters to finish this round.  Brian is teasing me that we’ll be doing Round 8 in August, and I’m starting to wonder if he might be right!  I just hope there isn’t any active knitting for me while we’re away next month getting Kender’s dog.

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