After spending most of last week feeling like I was slowly going crazy from my to-do list getting longer and longer and longer, I decided to take the 4th off.  No working on my to-do list, no doing anything I absolutely didn’t have to.  I’m going to watch TV and knit and drink beer and smell the lovely smoke of woodsmoke filtering in through the kitchen windows while dinner cooks in the smoker.

I also decided to play with makeup like a little girl.

The previous weekend I was given this site as a recommendation for getting my lipstick to stay on.  Rather than wait for another high-pressure night out, I decided to try it out on the Fourth and see how well it lasted.  I followed all the steps with the addition of some face powder in between the coats of lipstick, minus the concealer at the end because I don’t wear foundation anymore.  Here are my lips at the start of the day:


Fine.  I’ll add the eyes.  It doesn’t look right to just wear lipstick.

My face at 1:13 pm.

Overall, the lipstick lasted about 6-8 hours before fading completely.  It also faded gradually, without ever getting to that half-on, half-off look that I truly despise.  I took pictures every couple of hours or so to follow the progress.  Although I was leaving lipmarks on my coffee at first, that stopped about about an hour.  I might be able to shorten that time with better blotting, but that might shorten the overall life of the lipstick, too.  Something to check in the future.  I will be using this technique the next time I need to get dressed up and head out on the town.  Or sit around snarking at a wedding.

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